About Us

Being a woman on the go can be hard enough, much less finding the time to stop off at the mall to find an outfit for “girls night out” after work on Friday. With online shopping being a booming industry, ending up at the mercy of a physical store is now a thing of the past. Lee Monet is an online fashion boutique just perfect for those ladies seeking hot new trendy fashion threads for all occasions. Whether it's for an enjoyable long weekend Bar-B-Que or a fun girl power night on the town lee monet has the perfect outfit from the dress right down to chic shoes promising to leave a lasting impression.


lee monet was founded by fashion forward brother and sister duo Rashana and Undra Robinson. 
Growing up, dressing well while maintaining personal style was always important to the two, both shared an eye for good quality and elegance when it came to attire. They bet on their love and appreciation for clothes and launched lee monet in 2014. Since lee monet’s first introduction to the online boutique world, the business has expanded in selection and variety. Women from all over the world can elect to wear lee monet’s one of a kind dresses, blouses, tops, bottoms and shoes, shipping is available worldwide.

Quality and sophistication are important to lee monet during the creative process. It takes a great deal to ensure the pieces reflect lee monet’s standard of style. Every customer can buy with the satisfaction of knowing a great deal of care went into creating each piece that burst with color. lee monet prides itself on versatility and understanding that flair does not only come in one size, there is something for all shapes and sizes. When a customer shops with lee monet they can feel confident that they will definitely steal the spotlight.

Mission Statement
lee monet carries a “Conversation Piece” for every occasion. We pride ourselves on carrying the very best in quality and trends for every season. We understand the connection between how a woman “Looks” is how she "Feels". 

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